The Difference Between A Students and C Students

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The Difference Between "A" Students and "C" Students

Would you like to improve your grades? Do you look at them and can’t seem to figure out what you’re doing wrong?  Do you ever wonder what you are doing differently from a top student? This is a study of outstanding students and average students and how their habits differ. The Difference Between A Students and C Students is simple. There is a small set of skills that top students do differently from other students that get them good grades and it has little to do with IQ.  The path to good grades is not vague, but the result of behaviors students can consciously adopt to increase their likelihood of success. You don’t have to be a genius to get an A.

A StudentC Student
Rarely miss class. Attending class is their highest priority.Often miss class or come late. They either place other priorities, such as a job, relationships or entertainment ahead of class that limit their success
Pay attention during class, take good notes and ask questions to gain further understanding.Pay less attention. May be fond of talking during the lecture or chatting on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
Learn concepts rather than memorize details so they are better able to pass exams that test how you apply learned course material.Cram for tests, and although they may do well on CATs, they may fail in finals where understanding of concepts is tested.
Are very organized. Prepared for any academic situation by effectively prioritizing and strategizing. Some are quite talented but their success is limited by a lack of organizational skills or preparation
Have a fixed study schedule. They set aside time everyday to review course work which improves information retention.Study only under pressure. Fond of studying just before an exam. When no assignment is due, they do not review or study ahead.

As witnessed above, it is better to read a little everyday than to wait last minute and cram the whole night. Reading everyday helps to digest coursework better and one is able to find examples and real life applications that the examiner is looking for. The Difference Between A Students and C Students is to learn concepts rather than cramming material. Exams test application of the course material, not just the content.

Missing class may also affect your grade.  There are classes you can’t put off. Because if you don’t attend Monday’s lecture, then on Tuesday it may seem like a foreign language. By Wednesday you may feel like you have never attended that class. You lose flow and confidence in the process.

Most students do not understand the importance of studying the recommended readings. Many may feel like they can survive without knowing the material completely and can improvise in the exam because there is little course work left to ‘top up’. The reality is lecturers only provide 30% of course work so a student is required to spend more time outside class gathering the other 70%. The Difference Between A Students and C Students is top students read as soon as the semester begins, not only when there are exams.

A StudentC Student
Reads more than what is given during class. They do not depend on class notes and go an extra mile to source information from test books, articles and journals.Relies on notes given by the lecturer. Do not read beyond what is given
Are thorough during exams by stating course work, the extra work read and also use examples and current situations.Demonstrates average understanding of course work, careless grammar and spelling mistakes , show no relation of work with real life situations.
Active in group work and class projects. Shows initiative in carrying out research, compilation and hand the work in on time.Rarely attend group meetings, only contribute when probed and other students often have to pick up their slack. they may not have fully completed the assignment, have completed it in a careless manner, or hand in their assignments late.
They study past test papers. It improves understanding of course work, timing when taking the test and introduces new problems that may not have been taught during the semester.Rarely study test papers and therefore have little test taking skills. They often do not budget their time well on exams and may not deal well with test anxiety.
Determined and motivated. Their desire to excel makes them do more work than is required.Less motivated. Are not goal oriented. Never do more than required and sometimes do less.

I cannot stress enough the importance of studying past papers. Sometimes, no amount of studying will prepare you for an exam. In looking at past exams, you see how exams are set, you have an opportunity to read topics not mentioned in a lecture and you can improve speed by practicing taking the tests on your own.

The Difference Between "A" Students and "C" Students

The Difference Between A Students and C Students is knowing the type of learner you are. Some students study best alone, or at night. Some are visual and prefer using pictures and watching lecture videos. Others study best with others. For them, group discussions are best suited. Good study habits lead to As.

I believe that it is not the person who studies the most but the one who studies most effectively. The key is not to just work hard, but to work hard doing the right things. There are hard-working students who work hard but still get Cs. If you investigate, you may find that they may be destructed when studying or are not interested in the course work. The Difference Between A Students and C StudentsWe all know a person who doesn’t read as much, doesn’t attend class but still passes. I can assure you they use their time well by implementing the steps mentioned above. You may not see it, but behind the scenes, they are putting in the work.One may spend a lot of time studying but they are distracted. The hard work is wasted. An hour of concentrated study is more valuable than 3 hours of aimlessly looking at a text book, texting and watching cat videos on Youtube.

The difference between an A student and a C student is determination, work ethic and knowing yourself. An A is not reserved for the truly gifted but is a level any motivated student can attain.This study is to no way demoralize or judge, it is designed to guide any student looking to improve their grade by evaluating their own habits.  Everyone has different learning abilities and good learning abilities have little to do with genetics. The study is for those looking to improve their grades by adopting better study practices.