7 Apps Every Kenya Student Should Have

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1. Studious

How often do you forget about the date and time of your test? Do you always know the deadline of your homework, the time of your next lecture, and the subject of your next class? Thanks to Studious, this problem will be solved once and forever. All you need to do is to enter all information about your class, time, professor, location, etc., and this cool application will remind you about it just in time!

2. Coursera

Here’s a crazy thought: succeed in college by creating more homework for yourself. In some countries, there are statewide or country-wide exams, and it’s too bad for you if your college professor “didn’t teach that.” It’s your responsibility to know a subject. While this does not happen in the U.S., what if you took the same attitude of responsibility for your own knowledge and put in some extra effort? You don’t have to be a study-masochist to get an advantage from this effort. Coursera.org is an online education site that has partnerships with many dozens of top colleges and universities in the United States, including Ivy League schools. These schools offer both curriculum course study materials and MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses).

Sign up, study at your own pace, and supplement your knowledge for that extra advantage. You can use Coursera’s Web site or mobile apps to to study a selection of courses and supplement whatever you are learning at your college. Even better, use Coursera to introduce yourself to subjects before you enter college each semester. Because wouldn’t it be nice to ace your actual courses, get on the Dean’s Honor List, win awards and maybe a bit of extra scholarship cash?

Coursera connects students, professionals, and lifelong learners everywhere with free online courses from over 100 global universities and educational institutions, including Stanford and Yale. Browse courses and watch lectures from the best instructors anytime and anywhere – whether you’re interested in cuisine or computer science.

3. EasyBib

What is the most difficult stage of essay writing? The majority of college students would probably say: creating a list of citations (do not forget that you have to know MLA or APA style to format it). If you are one of these students, EasyBib is the right app for you to download. Just enter a book’s title and get the right citation! All you have to do is copy this citation into your bibliography.

4. Studyblue

StudyBlue, the leading crowdsourced learning platform, provides intelligent learning tools including flashcards, notes, study guides and more, that empower more than 10 million students to study smarter.

5. Dragon Dictation

Do you have study notes to type up for an overdue class project and your poor fingers are so tired from flipping through those ancient things called print books? Or maybe granny is paying for your college and you need to get your weekly email out to her fast, and your typing sucks. No problem. Just start talking into Dragon Dictation and it’ll convert everything for you digitally, which you can paste into other apps, send as an email message, or save it for later. Save your fingers for texting. Actually, you can use Dragon Dictation for text messages as well — at least the kind where you need to type entire English words in full. Note: iOS only. Nuance has Dragon apps on Android, but not this one.


All the famous and most fascinating people are in your phone now! High-quality videos of different conferences from all over the world are waiting for you in TED—an application that has all business experts, educators, computer geniuses, music legends, and many other interesting people in it. Open your mind to something new!

7. Chegg Textbooks & Study Help

It’s frustrating whenever one has to complete a term paper without adequate textbooks for research purposes. As an undergraduate student, you can gain access to a massive online library that’s more equipped than all libraries in Kenyan universities.  Chegg Inc. launched Chegg Textbooks & Study Help in 2016 to enable university students gain access to highly affordable textbooks and academic solutions.

Students can rent online textbooks for days and weeks at 90 percent less the buying price of the text book. This app also provides academic tips that will enable students score highly in their assignments and exams.

8. BrighterMonday App

Undergraduate students seeking internship opportunities or part time jobs need this app because it’s currently the most reliable employment linking source in Kenya. Brighter Monday Kenya job listing website launched this app in 2017, since more than 50 percent of its members access their profiles through smartphones.

BrighterMonday app has push notification feature which alerts users whenever an employer posts a job that suits their preferences.  As a member, you can edit your profile conveniently without having to log in to your account using a computer.

5. Jumia Online Store App

Are your university’s computer labs so overcrowded that you type all your assignments in a cyber café? It’s high time you downloaded Jumia App on your phone and get the best offers on brand new laptops and tablets. Jumia Kenya Online Store launched their shopping app in 2015 to enable Kenyans enjoy online shopping using various Android devices.

Jumia offers a wide variety of brands to choose from. You can also set push notifications to receive alerts whenever a laptop or tablet that’s within your purchasing power hits the market. Jumia allows customers to pay for goods on delivery to allow them to inspect the product before making the purchase.