9 Mistakes Kenyan Students Make When Applying For University

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Most of us have been through the application process and we do agree that it can be quite a challenging one. We spoke to Alex, the owner of Gradstate- an online portal used by students to compare courses offered by universities in Kenya. He talked us through some common mistakes students make when sending their applications to different institutions. Before you send your application, you may want to read this first.

Applying to top universities in Kenya: Mistakes to avoid

  1. Choosing a ‘cheaper’ college

Never compromise on quality education because you’re being offered cheap tuition fees. You’d rather spend time earning a good degree from a reputable institution so don’t just apply to a cheap institution because you want to save on costs.

  1. Failing to research about scholarships

Many students get discouraged and don’t apply for some universities in Kenya because they can’t afford it. There are many scholarships and bursaries that are offered by public and private universities. Find out if you can get financing before brushing off any institution.

  1. Failing to ask the university for advice

Step into any of the major Kenyan universities and you’ll find friendly staff who are willing and able to give you advice on anything regarding the institution. Don’t just make assumptions, ask the university staff for help.

  1. Not researching enough

Many universities in Kenya now offer open days and invite prospective students to visit them and learn more about the institution. This is the kind of research you need to do before applying for any university. It helps you to be confident that you chose the right institution.

  1. Picking a university because all your friends are going there

You may want to go to university with all your friends, but this is never the right thing for you. An institution may be right for someone else but not for you, so don’t feel afraid to go alone. After all, you’ll make plenty of new friends.

  1. Having unrealistic expectations

If you don’t qualify for a certain degree or course, then don’t apply for it. Check the entry requirements before sending your application. Remember that some universities in Kenya may have lower entry requirements so do your research well to know where you can apply for a certain degree.

  1. Picking random courses offered by universities in Kenya

You need to decide on what you want to study at the university. Don’t just pick random courses and start submitting your application forms. Remember that application forms are not free. You have to pay some amount in order for the school to process them. Know what each course offers and submit your application then.

  1. Missing the deadlines

Know when the deadlines for submitting application forms are. When you send your forms back days past the deadline, you have lower chances of being admitted and sometimes the university will have to push you to the next intake.

  1. Not researching the opportunities your chosen course/degree has to offer

You should perform enough research on the degree or course you are applying for so that you are well aware of what to expect. If you end up with a degree that is not marketable, you won’t have anyone to blame.

Most importantly, visit a couple of universities in Kenya to inquire more about the courses offered and what you should expect to gain when you take them.