Senator in Kenya

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There are 2 chambers of Parliament:

  1. The Senate
  2. The National Assembly

The Senate is the upper house of the Parliament of Kenya. The Senate was first established as part of Kenya’s 1963 Constitution but was abolished in 1966. The Senate was re-established in the new 2010 Constitution.

Membership of the Senate Article 98

  1. 47 members directly elected from each county
  2. 16 women nominated by political parties
  3. 2 members representing the youth – 1 man, 1 woman
  4. 2 members  representing persons with disabilities – 1 man, 1 woman
  5. Speaker, who is an ex-officio member.

Role of The Senate Article 96

(1) The Senate represents the counties and serves to protect the interests of the counties and their governments.

(2) The Senate participates in the law-making function of Parliament by considering, debating and approving Bills concerning counties, as provided in Articles 109 to 113.

(3) The Senate determines the allocation of national revenue among counties, as provided in Article 217, and exercises oversight over national revenue allocated to the county governments.

(4) The Senate participates in the oversight of State officers by considering and determining any resolution to remove the President or Deputy President from office in accordance with Article 145.

Senator in Kenya


To qualify as a potential candidate for the position of the senator in Kenya, you must:

  • be a Kenyan citizen for at least 10 years before the election;
  •  not hold dual citizenship;
  • not owe allegiance to a foreign state;
  • be a registered voter;
  • be nominated by a Political Party or is an independent candidate.


  • certified copy of a national identity card or valid passport
  • passport size photograph of himself or herself.
  • if the candidate was a public officer, he or she should submit a letter of discharge from their employer. The letter should confirm that he or she was not an employee six months before the election date.
  •  a nomination certificate from a fully registered political party, signed by an authorized party official.
  • a completely filled commission nomination form 16