Buying Jumia Laptops

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Jumia Laptops

When it comes to finding great laptops at the best price, Jumia laptops are some of the best to buy online. This is because Jumia laptops are cheap, high-tech and durable.

Whether you are replacing an old laptop, buying your first one, gifting a friend or family member, Jumia laptops could have exactly what you are looking for.

This is not just about the digital takeover that has extended to the retailing sector but also the overall upgrade of customer experience that is emerging with the introduction of online shopping.

Buying a laptop can be confusing. Not only do you have to figure out the specifications that you need, you also have many places to buy from.

You may prefer buying a laptop from a retail shop but buying this way can be tedious and the worst thing is you lose out on so many deals offered on these online stores.

Factors to Consider before Buying a Jumia Laptop

Jumia boasts in being the largest online store in Africa and it consequently has a great selection of laptops for all kinds of shoppers.

Jumia laptops come with inbuilt processors, batteries, memory storage packed in one which makes the computer easily portable.

On the online shop, Jumia laptops are referred to as notebook, ultra book or netbook depending on the size and features it possesses.

With this in mind, it is important to select the best Jumia laptop for you after making certain considerations. For Example:


Prices vary depending on the specifications and the manufacturer. Jumia laptops range from 10,000ksh to 200,000ksh.

Please not that an expensive laptop does not mean it is better. Some cheap cheap machines options might even do the work efficiently and better.

2. Specifications

Read the features carefully to understand your order. It is all in the fine print. If you don’t understand any of them , always contact the customer care and they respond. Especially if you do it through Facebook or Twitter.

Unlike shopping in a retail shop, a simple mistake could cost you money in terms of delivery charges once you choose to return your order.

3.Read Online Reviews

Discover what others have to say about the product or service you are about to purchase. A lot of consumers leave honest reviews about a product (i.e. true to size, came as depicted, etc.) or a service (excellent customer service, was satisfied, was disappointed, etc.) that can help influence your decision to click and buy.

Why Jumia Laptops are the Best

If you are looking to buy a good machine, you can’t go wrong with Jumia laptops.

Why? Jumia laptops are:


You make jaw dropping savings when buying a Jumia laptop. Most of their machines are discounted owing to the fact that Jumia does not have a physical store. Unlike the traditional shops you walk into who have to factor in the prices of their rent, electricity and human capital into the price of the laptop you have to buy. Plus Jumia laptops have many partners who negotiate deals that have the customer reaping in big benefits.


You can depend on Jumia. Especially now that they have been in the market for a few years. The machines come with a warranty. You can return the laptop if you are not satisfied with it and get a refund. You can also contact their support team on facebook, twitter, email or you can even call. They are available Mon-Friday (8am-8pm) and Sat & Holidays (9am-3p.m)


You have a wide range of Jumia laptops to choose from. Asus, HP, Lenovo, Dell, you name it, they have it. If you compare them with any other online shop, you will notice this difference. Especially if you are looking to buy an Apple computer.


Convenience. Something all online shops aspire to achieve for their customers. Walking from shop to shop is so 1800s. Clicking away online is so much easier than having to look for a reputable shop, bargaining down to a reasonable price and carrying it all the way back to the house. It’s too hard.

5. Jumia Deals

Jumia always have deals. For Jumia laptops there is Computer Blast.  Your best brands at slashed prices. Subscribe or follow the Jumia social network pages so that you never have to miss an offer.

Disadvantages of Buying a Jumia Laptop

1.Long Delivery time

The negative thing about buying online is you have to pay for it.Jumia laptops take 2-7 days to be deliver. Too long if you compare with buying from a retail store. It takes longer if you cancel the order or change it.

2. You cant see the laptop before delivery

You cant touch the machine or play with it like you do in a retail shop. You cant talk to a real person and ask questions if you are in doubt about something.

All you get to see are pictures. They don’t give an accurate mental picture. So it can be compared to a guessing game. Cross your fingers and hope the order is what you actually wanted.

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