Buying a Laptop for Law Students in Kenya

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buying a laptop for law students in KenyaLaptops have become a necessity rather than a luxury in the past few years. Buying a laptop for Law students in Kenya may not a requirement when reporting to school but having a laptop puts you at a great advantage.

Students use laptops to do everything and you need to pick the right one for your daily tasks. As a law student, you do not want the risk of crashes, lost notes and assignments. Therefore, buying a laptop for law students in Kenya needs to be done with a lot of thought and precision.

Buying a laptop for Law students in Kenya is not hard. It is a lot of fun actually. All you have to do is list down the important tasks you need to do on the laptop and the rest will slowly fall into place.

Buying a Laptop for Law Students in Kenya

There are a few things you should consider before you buy a laptop for law school.

  1. Price of the Laptop

The good news is that you do not need to spend a lot for an OK computer. I would actually recommend that you not buy a very expensive laptop for law school in Kenya.

How our colleges and universities are set up makes security a big concern. You stand the risk of it being stolen at the hostel or on your matatu ride to class. Or it could be easily damaged during your day to day activities.

Keep in mind law school is very expensive and you do not want to add unnecessary expenses to an already pricy budget.

My advice is to keep the price as low as possible. Save the extravagance for when you start making your own money. Spend what you have now on tuition and books.

  1. Weight of the laptop

You already have to carry a ton of books around. Why not lighten the load by buying a laptop that is slim and lightweight.

If you plan on using the laptop at school every day, it will get tiring with a huge PC and brick size charger.

The common assumption is that sleek/thin/lightweight laptops cost more. That is not the case. But if you find a heavy laptop you want to buy, you might want to consider a good and comfortable laptop bag to carry your computer in.

  1. Remember RAM

Most computers come with at least a gigabyte of RAM, which should be plenty for you during law school. That said, if you can afford to go more than a few gigabytes, your computer will run faster, and you won’t have to worry about upgrading the RAM over the next four years.

  1. Hard Drive Space

You need lots of storage and a dependable device to keep up with your demanding schedule. 40GB and above is good for law school. But if you also plan on storing music, games, or other entertainment as well, think about going higher.

However, local storage should not be a concern. Storage space is easy to upgrade or replace. You can also store your information on various places online (e.g a cloud)

TIP: If you are going to go for an expensive computer, make the upgrade for weight or RAM rather than hard drive space.

  1. Long battery life

No matter how good the specs of a laptop are, it is useless if it can’t hold charge. You’ll need a laptop with endurance during abrupt electricity outages and long back to back classes.

Any laptop that holds charge more than 3 hours is ideal. With 3 hours, you have time to save your assignments, finish research or get a new power source.

Anything below that is a waste of money.

  1. Warranty for your laptop

Stuff happens.

Get a warranty or protection plan for your laptop so if something goes wrong during law school, you won’t have the added stress of having to pay for repairs.

You should have at least a 1 year warranty. Enough to cover a considerable length of your 4 year program.

Most laptops in Kenya come with a 1 year warranty, others don’t. So make sure you ask for one. Never assume.