How to Draft a Civil Plaint in Kenya

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   Republic of Kenya

In the Chief Magistrate Court(Pecuniary Jurisdiction) in Machakos (Geographical Jurisdiction)

CIVIL CASE NO ____of 2017(year of case)

Name of Plaintiff


Name of Defendant

Type of Plaint (Small Claim/Fast Track/Multi Track)

Paragraph 1: Description of the Plaintiff (locus standi/ the address of the Plaintiff’s Advocate’s to determine the location of where the response should be submitted)

Paragraph 2: Description of the Defendant

Paragraph 3: Introduce the cause of action

Paragraph 4: Particulars of the cause of action

Paragraph 5: Res Judicata/ Sub Judice

Paragraph 6: Jurisdiction (the Plaintiff admits the jurisdiction of the court)

Paragraph 7: Reliefs

Paragraph 8: Sign and Date the Pleadings

Paragraph 9: DRAWN AND SERVED BY:Name and Address of the Advocates for the Plaintiff

Paragraph 10: TO BE SERVED UPON: Name and Address for the Defendant