How to Dress a Lawyer

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How to dress a lawyer?! You dress not only to impress, but for success!

A lawyer’s appearance is vital to gain the confidence and trust of clients. They say you never get a second chance to make a first impression, and I firmly believe this. People make snap judgments and form lasting opinions about you based on whether you look professional, healthy and confident when you meet them. It’s a subconscious thing. Lawyers will always have to demonstrate that they are worth the hours they bill, but dressing well can give you a leg up, and that’s important in such a competitive industry.

By being well-dressed, you give a good first impression to the clients. It gives the impression that you are trustworthy, confident, and that you have respect for the client, and the occasion. It’s sad, but true – people are attracted to, and do form judgments based on, appearances, which then forms an impression.

To make daring fashion choices when you’re just starting out takes the focus off your talent as a lawyer during that precarious time when you’re trying to stake out space and build your identity at the firm. Once you’ve proven yourself to be bright, capable and hard-working, then you can experiment with fashion within your comfort zone (and that of your workplace).

I guess law students have a perception that all lawyers dress boringly in their usual black suits and white shirts for the guys, and black trousers/skirts and white collared blouses for the gals. This is half true, in that it applies to litigators due to the court attire requirements.

Nothing says BOSS more than an official suit. Here are a few outfit ideas for the ladies for when you need to dress official. Some looks may need to be altered according to how official the occasion is. The reason Universities require students to dress officially is to prepare them for the working world but you can still play around with the look to make it more edgy and hip.