Functions of Evidence Law

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  1. Evidence law ensures order during judicial proceedings as it sets out the rules and procedures to be followed when presenting evidence.
  2. Evidence law ensures equality between the accused and the accuser.e.g, evidence that may contravene a defendant’s right to presumed innocent before proven guilty will be thrown out.
  3. It ensure a fair trial by setting these rules that have to be followed regardless of whether your are accusing or you are the accused.
  4. Evidence law sheds light on how evidence is presented to prove or disprove a fact.
  5. Evidence law determines what may or may not be allowed in judicial proceedings.
  6. It sets out standards for witnesses allowed to give testimony in court. This ensures credibility of the testimony.
  7. It protects witnesses by determining what questions to ask the witnesses and how to ask these questions.
  8. Sets out the manner of proof in court e.g witness testimony, cross examination, judicial notice e.t.c.