Jumia Black Friday

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Jumia is one of the biggest e-commerce online website stores in the African continent. Its history can be dated back to 2012 when it was established in 9 African countries namely

  1. Nigeria
  2. Kenya
  3. Uganda
  4. Tanzania
  5. Egypt
  6. Angola
  7. Cameroon
  8. Morocco
  9. Ghana

Jumia since has been improving and soaring high. They have been doing better with great and pleasant results. Recently, they have even expanded to food delivery, travel and real estate.

What is Black Friday?

Jumia Black Friday

Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving, which is an American holiday. This is usually the last Friday in the month of November. It marks the start of the holiday shopping season. This tradition began in America, spread to Europe but is now commonly practiced all over the world.

The term Black Friday got traction with the Internet. Websites like DealsOfAmerica.com started to highlight “Black Friday sales” from 2003 and the retailers picked it up. Essentially, Black Friday is an Internet term. Prior to it, people used to refer the sales as ‘Day after Thanksgiving Sale’ or some variation of it.

During this time, almost all stores come out with big sales to attract consumers to their shop. People stand in line hours before the stores are opened, to grab the bargains of the year. In the last few years, we have witnessed a trend towards bringing those Black Friday Sales online, even before Friday.

From 2013, Black Friday sales have started way before Friday. Some stores have their Black Friday the entire last week of November. As a result, Black Friday may not be the biggest revenue earner for stores. Biggest sales day now include Thanksgiving day, Green Monday and Cyber Monday.

Jumia Black Friday

jumia black friday

There is no better time in the year to buy products at almost half their prices than the Jumia Black Friday sales day. Some have saved the whole year just for this day.

Ideally, Jumia being the biggest E-commerce store in Africa have joined the trend 3 years ago. Jumia will offer the best deals you can find on almost all the products in their store.

On Jumia Black Friday 2016  sales of 295,000 were recorded amounting to a huge sum of 7million.

On Jumia Black Friday 2016, the Jumia online shop experienced a huge visit of 2.5million people and over 7million page views.

On Jumia Black Friday 2017, the sales are expected to surpass Jumia Black Friday 2016. Jumia Black Friday 2016 sales were more than twice of Jumia Black Friday 2015 sales made. So think about it, what will be made in Jumia Black Friday 2017?

This is mainly because this year, Jumia Black Friday will be for an entire month. Every country has specific dates for Jumia Black Friday launch.

JUMIA BLACK FRIDAY Kenya: https://www.jumia.co.ke/black-friday

JUMIA BLACK FRIDAY Nigeria: https://www.jumia.com.ng/black-friday

JUMIA BLACK FRIDAY Egypt: https://www.jumia.com.eg/ar/black-friday

JUMIA BLACK FRIDAY Ghana: https://www.jumia.com.gh/black-friday

JUMIA BLACK FRIDAY Morocco: https://www.jumia.ma/black-friday

JUMIA BLACK FRIDAY Ivory Coast: https://www.jumia.ci/black-friday

What is on Offer on Jumia Black Friday?

For now there is not much information about deals that will be available on Jumia Black Friday 2017. How, we expect the usual suspects to feature prominently.

Infinix has always had a good relationship with Jumia and are one of the major partners listed. So, it will not be out of place to expect deals on Infinix phones like the Infinix Hot 4 and Infinix Hot 5.

There are a few newcomers in the game you also need to look out for like OPPO. Anticipate for deals on OPPO A57 and OPPO F3.

Other partners listed on the official page of Jumia Black Friday 2017 include Intel an HP (which means Laptops and maybe printers), Samsung, Pampers, Philips, Fero, LG, Luron and BATA.

As It has been said earlier that Jumia Black Friday 2017 will be coming up On the  24th of November 2017. There will be discounts on all products:

  1. Phones
  2. Laptops
  3. Televisions
  4. Home Appliances
  5. Kitchen Appliances
  6. Clothes
  7. Shoes
  8. Children’s Toys

Ladies, you can also buy make up, weaves, black soap and sanitary pads.


There is so much to buy on Jumia. Over 1,000 brands will be featured on Jumia Black Friday 2017 according to information on the official page.

How you can make money from the upcoming Jumia Black Friday 2017

Did you just hear how you can make money?  YES you can make money on the upcoming Jumia Black Friday 2017.  Here is a simple analysis where people who know how to hustle make huge profits.

On Black Friday, most of the products are sold at more than half the normal price.

If you’re smart enough, you can buy products in bulk and then resell at the normal price when the Jumia Black Friday deals event is over.

For instance, check out the price of PS4 Pro on Jumia.co.ke. The normal price is 52,000. It can sell for 42,000 on  Black Friday. That’s a whopping 20% off.

Now let’s imagine you were able to secure 5 units of PS4 Pro on Black Friday at a total cost of 210,000.

Total Cost Of Purchase On Black Friday : 5 x 42,000 = 210,000

You then resell them at the normal price of 54000 after Black Friday event :

After Black Friday deals : 5 x 54,000 = 270,000

Now let’s calculate your profit:

270,000 – 210,000 = 60,000

That’s a cool 60k profit!!

Keep in mind that on black Friday, most of the products will go on sale for half their original price. Some products on flash sale may even be sold at 90% discount.

So if you buy marketable products and resell them at normal price when the deal has ended, you stand to make a lot more money than demonstrated above.

Tip: Products in the electronic category such as phones, tablets, laptop accessories tend to have a high market demand which makes it easy to re-sell.


  • Decide what you want in advance. You may not be able to cover all the items on offer so decide in advance what is the most important item that you absolutely need.
  • Make a list of items you will like to purchase. (Smartphones , laptops , shoes , fashion items , tv sets , anything!)
  • Save as much money as you can so that you will have more than enough for the event.
  • If possible have a group of people to shop with. Each person can buy an item for everyone else in the group. It allows each member to focus on an offer before it is sold out.
  • Make sure your phone and laptop is fully charged the night before Black Friday in order to avoid disappointment.
  • Get a good internet connection, one that is very very fast!
  • Be awake by 11:30pm. Jumia Black Friday 2017 will starts by 12am and that’s when most of the good deals are posted.
  • Like our Facebook page. We will post a few minutes before the event.

How To Avoid Jumia Black Friday Mistakes

Black Friday is not a scam. Jumia has not gotten to where it is through tricking their customers. However, if you shop the wrong way, you will think it is.

Below are a few things you should avoid to make your Jumia Online Shopping experience stress free.

  1. Getting the date of the event wrong. This small mistake can have you missing valuable deals. This year’s deals will last 31 days but certain items are available on certain days.
  2. Not saving enough. Some people save a whole year and I think it is wise as these deals only come once in a year.
  3. Not knowing how to navigate through the online shop. Black Friday is not the day to learn. Visit the online shop in advance and know where the items you are interested in are located. To buy anything on the e commerce site, you need to have an account. Here’s a link. (create account)
  4. Browsing with slow internet. Things go by so fast on Black Friday. Some things get snatched after you have added them to your cart. Act fast by using a reliable internet connection.
  5. Don’t buy the whole of Jumia. Buy only what you need. The deals are tempting but use a list and stick to it.

Note: Not everything will be 80% off. You are only allowed to buy 1 of each item during a flash sale.

Black Friday shopping should qualify as an Olympic sport. It’s competitive, strategic, and takes a lot of energy.

Jumia Black Friday is not for everybody, but if you’re tight on budget and looking to change your smartphone or get a new device for a loved one, it’s definitely for you.

If you miss the deal, No problem! We highly recommend you to visit the Jumia Online Shop every other day throughout the year as they have new deals.

You are likely to see Black Friday like deals throughout the year. You can download the Jumia app to get alerts as soon as a new deal is posted.