Jumia vs Kilimall

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Online shopping has eliminated the draining hassle of store hopping. Whether it’s a phone, a laptop, a new pair of shoes or a pack of Pampers, you can now find it all in one place. Two giant online stores have taken over the Kenyan market and Jumia vs Kilimall looks at both of them to determine which one is better.

Jumia and Kilimall are Kenya’s best and largest online shopping malls. The two are also the top visited e-commerce websites in Africa.

Jumia was founded in 2012 while Kilimall was founded in 2014.

Jumia has its branches in 7 countries:

  1. Kenya
  2. Nigeria
  3. Egypt
  4. Ivory Coast
  5. Ghana
  6. Morocco
  7. Cameroon

While Kilimall has its branches in:

  1. Kenya
  2. Uganda
  3. Nigeria

Both Jumia and Kilimall:

  • Deliver products to your doorstep.
  • Have their headquarters in Nairobi
  • Deliver countrywide

Both Jumia and Kilimall offer products that span various categories including phones, computers, clothing, shoes, home appliances, books, healthcare, baby products, personal care and much more.

Jumia vs Kilimall Comparisons

On the surface, there is not much difference between the models of both e-commerce platforms.

Both  Jumia Kenya and Kilimall Kenya allow cash payment on delivery in Nairobi only. If you are outside Nairobi then you will be required to make payments online.  Prices are not negotiable.

Both charge delivery charges ranging from Ksh 200 – Ksh 2,000 depending on delivery location

However, taking a closer look at the minor issues that are often overlooked reveals there is a very wide margin in terms of customer experience on both platforms.

1.Product Prices. In general, online shopping is much, much cheaper than “traditional” shopping. But if you compare Jumia vs Kilimall, Jumia prices are slightly lower than that of Kilimall.

If you compare the price of Samsung Galaxy s8, Jumia sells it at ksh75,999 while Kilimall has it at ksh80,949. Therefore, in terms of price Jumia wins.

An HP laptop adapter on Kilimall is ksh1,497 while on Jumia it is ksh1399. The difference is ksh98. Jumia wins again.

2.Delivery Time: Jumia delivers its products within a period of 2-7 days. It takes them around 21 days for international orders.While Kilimall delivers its products between a period of 2-5 days and 30 for overseas orders. This means that Kilimall’s delivery time is shorter than that of Jumia. Kilimall wins on delivery.

3.Variety: Jumia and Kilimall are different when it comes to variety. Jumia has a wide range of electronic products. They even have high-end products such as iPhone and MacBooks. Kilimall doesn’t.

However, Kilimall has a wide range of shoes, clothes and accessories. They also have very nice kids toys and an automotive section that is unrivalled.

Therefore, there is no winner and no loser in this category.

4.Website layout: Jumia has a better website layout. It is clear and easy to navigate. Unlike Kilimall which looks congested and their website colours are not appealing.

3.Customer Care: Both of them need to improve their customer service. It is difficult and expensive to get assistance from these online shops. The calls take too long to go through, emails go unanswered, delivery men lack navigating skills so getting your product to you can be quite hectic.

Worse when they have promotions or sales like Black Friday. On this one, it may be easier to buy from the guy with a heavy accent with a shop along Luthuli Avenue.

Jumia vs Kilimall, which is the better?

For now, no online shopping platform is on a level that meets customer satisfaction. Both Jumia and Kilimall are emulating the American based online store Amazon, but none of them is performing on its level.

However, online shopping is still in its infancy stage when it comes to Kenya. It has been around for only a few years so it is not surprising that they face many challenges.

With that said, which online shop should you choose between Jumia and Kilimall? The answer is, “It all depends on what you are looking for”. If you are looking for variety then it is Kilimall.co.ke. If you are looking for general reliability then Jumia.co.ke wins.