Mistakes Kenyan Students Make When Applying For University

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Applying to join university is very exciting but it can also be quit challenging. Many students have been through the application process and we can agree that it can stressful if you are not prepared.

There are many avoidable mistakes  students make during this process. These common mistakes could hinder your chances of admissions even when they seem petty.

Before sending your application, you may want to read through this list and make a few adjustments.

Applying to top universities in Kenya: Mistakes to avoid

  1. Following your friends to college

Never compromise your career by making decisions based on the interests of someone else. Leaving high school and having to make new friends is very scary but it should not cloud your judgement on the best university to choose. University is an adventure. Be open to meeting new people.

  1. Writing poor applications

Don’t write the applications in a hurry. Take time to read through the forms and fill them out appropriately. You can miss important information if you hurriedly  skim through them or fail to proof read.

  1. Not applying for scholarships

Don’t get discouraged if you cannot afford tuition fees. Many institutions offer scholarships that will help in financing your university education. Don’t look at  local schools alone. Log into the internet and research on schools outside of the country that offer the same. You will be surprised out how many institutions are willing to fund needy students.

  1. Missing deadlines

Most students assume the university is not strict on deadlines. The reality is they follow the rule to the letter. You may have to wait a whole year to join a school because you missed the deadline.

Don’t miss an intake because this mistake is easy to avoid. Note down the deadlines on your calendar and refer to them often. Especially if you are applying to many schools. You don’t want to have the dates mixed up.

  1. Focusing on one school

Don’t narrow your possibilities by setting your eyes on one university. Yes, you may have a preference, but another school may be a better match. Visit other schools and see what they have to offer.

  1. Picking random courses offered by universities in Kenya

Don’t just pick random courses because they have less competition or charge less fees. Some even choose these courses because they sound fancy. Your career is not a trend. One day its in, the other its out. Submit your application forms with your purpose in mind. Don’t get carried away with the current hype.

7. Leaving out your personal information

Universities are not only interested in your academics.They also want to know about your personal life. So if you are a volunteer, were a member of the debate team or took part in a marathon that raises funds for the visually impaired, add that to the application. It sets you apart.

Just as there is no one path to getting admitted to a particular university, there is no one reason that applicants get rejected. However, it does not hurt to maximize the reasons for admission to university.

Take time, plan ahead and research, research, research! Information is your best tool when applying for university in Kenya